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Salmagundi Club Spring Auction 2024

I am honored and pleased to have “Harlem Train Station” and “Convent Ave: CCNY”, 2 of my photographs, selected to be part of The Spring Auction at the venerable Salmagundi Club: May 6 - May 31, 2024. The Salmagundi Club, founded in 1871, by artists and patrons of the arts and located in New York’s famed Greenwich Village, seeks to champion the finest art in America and abroad. For more information about The Spring Auction 2024, please visit   

Joys of Childhood. Innsbruck, Austria

Ellen Fisch: Architect Draftsman, Photographer, Artist. 


2023: Nemtsov Mikhail. Mathematician, literary and art critic.  Creator and editor-in-chief of the literary and philosophical journal "HERE AND NOW". Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi. Discovered and brought into scholarly circulation a number of letters and writings of Andrei Platonov.

The Trek.jpg
Dixville Notch.jpg

In the Co-op Cafe: WaterColor Prints
                      by Ellen Fisch

             Through July/August 2023

Ellen Fisch is a Bethlehem, NH, and NYC-based artist. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ellen and her family craved nature and spent much leisure time in parks and gardens in and around her urban home. In 1975, Ellen's parents became permanent residents of Bethlehem, New Hampshire, where Ellen and
her family could appreciate nature at its most beautiful during summers and periodically throughout the year. Having studied art, photography and architecture throughout her education, Ellen believes that nature is the greatest teacher and that she can learn much from studying all that the White Mountains and the other places she has visited can provide.

"My main purpose in painting and photographing the wonderful scenery of the North Country is to express my love of nature to others who may view my art.
Although I have been creating art in New Hampshire for many years, there is always something new to see and to reinterpret with my brush and paints or camera. I would hope that my work may take people to places where they can share with me the great beauty of the wonders that nature has created."

Ellen's framed prints will be on display in our Co-op Cafe through August and are available for purchase directly through the co-op. When you purchase art from our Cafe Gallery, 95% of the proceeds go back to the artist directly, which goes a long way to support creative arts in our community!

Littleton Food Co-op 43 Bethlehem Rd, Littleton, NH 03561

Art, Music, Wine and Cheese: A Wonderful Treat

During my July/August 2023 WaterColor print exhibit at the Littleton Coop Café, I was proud and pleased to provide a backdrop for the renown North Country Chamber Players as they played classical French chamber music during a wonderful French wine and French cheese tasting! My images of the White Mountain scenery lent colorful local atmosphere to the occasion as a counterpoint to the wonderful French arts of wine, cheese and melody!

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The Art of Retail - Visual Merchandising and Store Design
Effective Store Design Must Connect Science with Art
The Armoury Westbury elevates the in-store customer experience through engagement

Published on April 17, 2022
By Eric Feigenbaum

The great merchant princes of the early 1900s incorporated the 3 “A’s” of enticement to attract people into their stores: Architecture, Advertising and Art.

The Armoury
Miyako Yoshinaga Pop-Up Gallery
Still Lifes by Ellen Fisch

February 8 - March 26, 2022

Location: The Armoury, 840 Madison Avenue
(between 69 & 70th St.), New York, NY 10021 

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10am - 6pm 


Join Us in Celebrating Women's History Month

To celebrate Women's History Month, we are pleased to invite you to a special reception at The Armoury, 840 Madison Avenue, Thursday March 10, 5-7 pm. 

Our pop-up exhibition space and bookstore on the 2nd floor of The Armoury's Upper East Side store welcome you to meet artists Ellen Fisch, Lisa Ross, and book editors and publishers Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich of 10x10 Photobooks. 

Resting by the Pumpkin Trees

Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery @The Armoury, NYC: Still Lifes by Ellen Fisch 2/8-3/28, 2022

I am honored and proud to have my still life photography exhibited in the superb Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery within The Armoury, an exceptional international men’s haberdasher, focused on the finest craftsmanship in men’s clothing and accessories. 

#MiyakoYoshinagaGallery #TheArmoury #EllenFichPhotography


The still-lifes series presented here exemplifies Fisch’s intimate approach to her surroundings. In 2020, forced to stay home due to the pandemic, Fisch engaged in a cleanout in her house, discovering small objects accumulated over many years, such as bowls, jars, and silver trays. Interested in their shapes and textures, she contemplated how she could use them to express herself. In her studio near the window, she saw how soft northern light enhanced each object, and she began to pursue the art of still life. 

CoffeeHouse WIX.png

The Coffee House About Town:
Announcements from our Members

Red Pears and Leaves

Still Life 11, 2020, ©Ellen Fisch

Still Lifes by Ellen Fisch

The show is running now through March 26, 2022.
Location: The Armoury, 840 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021

Monday through Saturday, 10am-6pm

Also, you are invited to attend a private reception tomorrow,
February 18 from 4-6 pm. To RSVP, please email Miyako Yoshinaga


Richard Rabel Logo.png

Richard Rabel: interior designer | art advisor 

new york architecture photos: ellen fisch does the bronx
Gould Memorial Library, Bronx Community College, New York

Gould Memorial Library, Bronx Community College, New York


Photographer Ellen Fisch’s new show at New Century Artists in Chelsea showcases the artist’s New York architecture photos of the Bronx. Having grown up in Brooklyn in the late 1940s, Fisch’s love of architecture led her to a career as a draftsman, but she has always been drawn to the camera and how photography captures a fleeting moment in time.

Poetry of Geometry by Noemi Zarb

February 25, 2020

Atlas' burden, our angst (photograph by Ellen Fisch)

Atlas' burden, our angst (photograph by Ellen Fisch)

Writer, Columnist & Featured Contributor at Bizcatalayst360 

How can something be incongruous yet concurrently be a perfect fit?

Architecturally speaking, I am not referring to glaringly obvious misfits that horrify even in their attempt to justify the unjustifiable; rather to seeming incongruity that fades away after a closer look. I find myself pondering on these lines whenever I contemplate I.M. Pei’s clear glass pyramids as the entrance/extension to the Louvre.

Make an impression with sepia photography
Viennese Courtyard. Vienna, Austria Sepia Architectural Photography
Water Buffalo Beneath Pear Blossoms Sepia Storybook Still Life Photography

Explore the history of sepia images and learn how to recreate the same warm, dreamy effect with your own digital photos.

Go monochrome with sepia.   From old historic photos in an antique shop to art prints in a museum, sepia photography is instantly recognizable. “Sepia photography is similar to black-and-white photography in that it’s monochromatic, meaning one tone or one color. But it’s more brown or tan,” says photographer Ellen Fisch. 

© Copyright
Still Life Photography Virtual Exhibit

Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library: July 2021

Still Life Photography Virtual Exhibit.  Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library

From the Hewlett-Woodmere PL Overleaf:

“Ellen Fisch will exhibit a number of Still Life Photographs through the Hewlett-Woodmere Art Gallery’s Virtual Exhibition throughout July, 2021. The exhibit will showcase Ellen’s mastery of photography and her love of the intimacy of the Still Life genre.”

Ellen Fisch’s Artists Statement: “ Art has always been my compass and my passion.  Art is also my means of communication: an expression of that which I see/feel and how I interpret these sensations. In college I studied photography and architectural drawing which became the basis of my career as an architectural photographer. However, I also expressed my aesthetics through painting, drawing and design work.  Furthermore, I have continued to study all forms of art throughout my life for lessons I can learn that improve my own work and for the immeasurable pleasure of poring over the artworks of others.  One area of interest has always been the intimate art of still life: the artist’s selection of personal and/or appealing objects and bringing these to life in combination.  During COVID-19 I was unable to pursue my architectural photography and fortunately turned to still life.  Each still life I set up, photographed and worked on brought much happiness and artistic absorption during that difficult time. I also learned a great deal about form, line, composition and design form photographing still life.  And of course the light, the most important element of any artwork provided life to my photographs. I hope that viewers who see my still life photographs receive as much enjoyment from the images as I took in creating them.”

The Art of Architectural Photography: Exhibiting With Other Photographers

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Ellen Fisch with Her Bronx Novoimago Photography
Jadite Galleries, NYC

Recently I was pleased and honored to participate in a group photography exhibition at Jadite Galleries in NYC.  In all, there were six of us showing photography as our form of self-expression: each photographer exhibiting different subjects.  It is stimulating and informative to be part of such a group.  I exchanged ideas about the art, craft and technical side of photography with my peers, while enjoying the social aspects of the event as well.

The Coffee House Show: NYC- November 2019 


The Coffee House Show New York City


Tuesday, November 19th through Friday, November 22nd, The Coffee House will be showing the art of members Ellen Fisch and Adam Van Doren. Both artists have their strong and unique point of view of architecture. They will show a selection of their works in our reception room.

On Thursday, November 21

Please join us at a reception with wine and oysters for Ellen and Adam beginning at 5:30. Both will speaking; giving insight about their work. Dinner will follow at the long table. There will be an opportunity to purchase books and artwork.


© Copyright
Village West Gallery 

May 15 - July 30, 2017

Winter on the Coney Island Boardwalk
Ellen Fisch exhibit of the four seasons at the Village West Gallery

Ellen Fisch exhibiting in a Group Show that showcased the beauty and intrigue of the 4 seasons.  Ellen’s “Winter on the Coney Island Boardwalk” is an assemblage: Ellen Fisch Photograph printed on aluminum, framed in authentic Coney Island boardwalk planks and floated on Belgium Linen.

Atget’s Paris Inspires Photographer Ellen Fisch’s Images of NYC

Friday, December 24, 2021

Atget Photography: Paris Shop Window

In the past number of years, architectural fine art Photographer Ellen Fisch has taken thousands of photographs of architecture in NYC. Fisch was often inspired by the work of Jean-Eugène-Auguste Atget, the Paris Photographer who lived and worked in the City of Lights 100 years ago. Atget’s street scenes of Paris are timeless and artistic in his use of the photographic elements that Ellen Fisch has infused into her own sepia photography.

PDN Photo of the Day 

Brooklyn Dream World 
February 22, 2013

PDN Photo of the Day

PDN Photo of the Day displays photographs selected by the editors of Photo District News, a publication for photo professionals.

Ellen Fisch studied photography and architectural drawing in college, and went on to lead two separate artistic lives: one as a photographer, the other as a painter. “I never combined the two,” she says.

Ellen Fisch Is a Spokesperson For Award Winning Tiffen Software 

Jacob Javits Convention Center 2011

Ellen Fisch at the Jacob Javits PDN Photo Plus Conference and Expo

“The PDN PhotoPlus Conference and Expo is one of the most talked about and anticipated photo industry events of the season. The caliber of attendees, exhibitors, presenters, and technology showcased is staggering, always exceeding my expectations,” comments Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, The Tiffen Company. “Attending such groundbreaking events as PDN PhotoPlus is always a great opportunity for us to showcase our existing and new products for photographers and image-makers at the top of their game. This year, Tiffen Dfx 3.0’s brand new capabilities and already award-winning effects will be on display and in the spotlight, alongside other industry-trusted and time-tested photographic accessories and imaging tools. We are very much looking forward to the show and the many innovative tools and technologies it is sure to house.”

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