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The Coffee House About Town:
Announcements from our Members

Red Pears and Leaves

Still Lifes by Ellen Fisch

The show is running now through March 26, 2022.
Location: The Armoury, 840 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10am-6pm
Also, you are invited to attend a private reception tomorrow,
February 18 from 4-6 pm. To RSVP, please email Miyako Yoshinaga

Ellen Fisch was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Throughout her youth
Fisch evolved as a photographer and an artist, using photography, drawing, and
painting to communicate her artistic impressions. Fisch’s atmospheric and
visionary images of architecture, landscapes, and still-lifes reveal the mystery of
their forms as well as their vital inner spirit.

The still-lifes series presented here exemplifies Fisch’s intimate approach to her
surroundings. In 2020, forced to stay home due to the pandemic, Fisch engaged in
a cleanout in her house, discovering small objects accumulated over many years,
such as bowls, jars, and silver trays. Interested in their shapes and textures, she
contemplated how she could use them to express herself. In her studio near the
window, she saw how soft northern light enhanced each object, and she began to
pursue the art of still life. For Fisch, the genre of still life, initiated centuries ago
by artists who were perhaps under similar circumstances of confinement, is a
powerful statement with a reference to the essential aspects of human life.

In the series, she arranges seasonal flowers and fruits along with objects, exploring
the subtle harmony between the mortal and the immortal. Each work embraces a
distinctive personality in the combination of shapes, lines, compositions, and
shades depending on the light at the time of day. Fisch took more than 400 frames
of each arrangement ad carefully selected the final image — a labor of love. The
works are for sale ($1,500 - $2,500), including the frame.

For more information and other images from the same series, please
email, or call 212-268-7132.

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