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Photographer Ellen Fisch Offers Tips and Insights About Photography

Ellen Fisch has been a professional Photographer for 50+ years.  In the following Insights, Ellen shares her valuable knowledge of Photography to help Photographers of all skill levels to improve and master their craft.  For more Insights go to Ellen’s Blog

Photographing Brooklyn College’s Campus with Ellen Fisch

IRPE Workshop: April 25, May 2, 2013


This map of Brooklyn Collegeʼs Campus will provide reference points for your photography tour. Before you set out, orientate yourself to specific buildings so that you can chart your photography course. Or you can simply take photographs of what appeals to you and refer to the map later! The great part about taking architectural photos is finding new and interesting parts of the architecture from which to create your images. Donʼt forget to consider the buildings that are outside of the campus. Some of them and/or the backs of buildings facing the quad are as interesting and beautiful as those that makes up the main campus.

The Art of Photography: How to Take Great Photos with Photographer Ellen Fisch

Brooklyn College IRPE Lecture 
Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Great photos are frequently captured by chance. However, photographers who consistently take inspiring shots have a backlog of information that they intuitively call upon when they are behind the camera lens. This knowledge provides the foundation of elevating a snapshot to a work of art. Here are some photography tips to help you get that great photo.

Photographing Grand Central Station and the NYPL at 42 nd Street
with Photographer Ellen Fisch


Big City Photography: Big city architectural photography poses stimulation and challenges for the photographer. For the architectural photographer, the excitement of being in a city, such as New York City that presents iconic and diverse landmarks is like being in Wonderland! Everywhere you look there are different subjects to photograph. The variety is incredible and the endless amount of material to shoot is exciting. However, there are numerous challenges as well. Photographing Grand Central Station and the NYPL at 42nd Street is a wonderful introduction or professional opportunity to shoot a wide variety of architectural subjects in NYC.

Architectural Photography with Ellen Fisch

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checkered stairs

Architectural photography records the history of civilization: its past, present and future can be reflected by the architecture of societies.

When photographing architecture there are several important things to consider.

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