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Afternoon Roses
Asparagus with Tiger Lilies
Roses in Copper Pitcher
Roses in Copper Pitcher- Sepia
Art Deco Roses
Winter Branch
Spring Wildflowers
Wild Persimmons and Limes
Orchids and Lilies
Dogwood and Lacquer Tea Set
White Flowers Reflected
Iris Color
Cherry Blossoms and Pepinos
White Tulips
Cream Roses
Bread and Wine
Roses in a Boot with Jam Jar
The Weight of Roses
Daffodils and Lemons
Carnations, Blue Bowl and Lemons
Sepia Roses
Baby’s Breath in Cut-Crystal Punchbowl
Pussy Willows on the Stairs
Pink Tulips
Baby’s Breath in Cellophane Ruff
Pears and Carnations
Pinecones, Candle and Wine
Sepia Leaves
Ginger Jar and Leaves
Lemons and Bottles
Lemons and Lacquer Vase
Hydrangea in Blue Vase
Asparagus, Artichokes and Lemons
Winter Apples
Chestnuts and Roses
An Artist’s Still Life
Autumn Leaves
Candle, Apple and Book
An Evening Alone
Wine, Music and Chestnuts
Making Orange Juice
Pomegranates and Horn
Pomegranates with Vases
Red Pears and Leaves
Limes with Pewter Pitcher
Light and Shadow
Rose in a Goblet
Farmer’s Market Wildflower Bouquet II
Farmer’s Market Wildflower Bouquet I
Spider Mum
Water Glass
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