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Church Yard: Lancaster, NH
Coming Into Town: Bethlehem, NH
Foliage RR Tracks: Glen, NH
Flume Gorge Waterfall II
Forest Trail
Wooden Shed: Sugar Hill, NH
Sugar Hill
Flume Gorge Waterfall I
Flume Gorge
Cottage with Lattice Arch
House in the Woods
New England Town Hall: Brthlehem, NH
Railings and Lattice
Barn Doors
Movie Ticket Booth: Colonial Theater. Bethlehem, NH
Stone Water Trough
Country Club Tower
Forest Path
House by the Lake
Flowers in Tubs
Old Wooden Building
Croft Block
View of Bethlehem, NH
Bowed Window
House in the Forest
House with Star
New England Main Street
The Bells
Down the Road
Main Street: Bethlehem, NH
Lilies and House
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