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Ellen Fisch was born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC.  At a young age, Ellen began to use observations of her surroundings combined with her imaginative curiosity to create new and wonderful worlds.  This all began when Ellen, aged 4, looked through an elaborate brass vent into her backyard and imagined that she had discovered a secret garden.  Throughout years of studying photography, drawing, architecture and painting, Ellen learned to seamlessly blend the interdisciplinary arts into her photography. Later, as a photographer, artist and architectural draftsman, Ellen honed her skills in the vital art of sharing her distinctive visions with others. 
Working in color, sepia and black and white photography, Ellen Fisch has presented numerous subjects to entice the viewer to observe what they see through new eyes.  Showcasing a crumbling building as a wondrous antiquity or a wildflower as a remarkable spirit gives Ellen fulfillment.  The architectural art of humans and the majesty of nature provide endless opportunities for Ellen’s creative artistry to allow the viewer to enter unique and timeless worlds.

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