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Ellen Fisch began painting and drawing at a young age.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ellen found self-expression in both urban and natural settings.  Either walking through her Brooklyn neighborhood or exploring the other NYC boroughs, Ellen captured city architecture and streets in her sketchbook or with her camera.  On weekend outings to Prospect or Central Parks, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens or New your Botanic Gardens, Ellen’s love of nature could be expressed with oil, watercolor and pastels. Having studied art, photography and architecture throughout her education, Ellen believes that she is still learning. Ellen appreciates expressing and interpreting her observations of human and nature’s art and architecture through her paintings and photography.

“I hope that my art takes people to places where they can share with me the great beauty, dynamics and the wonders that nature and humans have created.”

Ellen Fisch has been passionate about painting, photography and architecture all of her life and is always glad to share her love of these with others

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