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The Art of Architectural Photography: Novoimago

Almost every artist seeks improvement, advancement, recognition for good work. Of those artists whom I've encountered, few are completely secure in their capabilities for self-expression and their "place" in the art world. With the exhilaration of creating a work of art, there comes for many, the doubts: Could it be better? Could I do more? Have I stretched my artistic ability? Of course there are some who exceed their expectations and, in my opinion, that is wonderful. Art, by its nature, is a singular, insular experience. Even while working on a group project, there is the personal input, so deep that it must come from an inner source. This effort, either combined with the work of others or built on previous personal projects, requires total dedication and devotion.

Through the years I have found that the art of creating itself is the most intense and productive aspect of my photography. The picture taking, photographing subject is the chase. Then remastering the images demands all of my skills and attention. For many years these pursuits in my passion for photography and for creating the finest photograph I could absorbed all of my concentration towards my art and my profession.

In addition to photography, as I have mentioned in the past, I was involved with other art forms, such as drawing and painting. These gave me insights into my photography and helped me with many aesthetic principals, such as composition, form and values. For a number of years I did not spend too much time on these artistic endeavors, rather sticking solely to photography, transitioning from film to digital. In the last couple of years, I have been exploring one facet of photography: its two dimensional properties. I have always sought the three dimensional on the flat paper or canvas: the elusive quality of depth and space that some techniques can render.

After many attempts at using art media in photography and not producing a mixed media work but rather an enhanced photograph, I chanced upon a unique elucidation. I used, very sparingly, gold leaf of various colors and pencil, ink, charcoal and pastel among other traditional painting and drawing media in my photography. Although the art materials are incorporated into the photograph, they are used in the subtlest ways, lightly, sparsely, dabs of light, lines of definition. The result, novoimago, is a photograph.....but there is a depth there that I have never achieved in other photography. The light shimmers a little more and the darks glow.

The novoimage image is of Art Deco Bronx architecture. The fabulous Art Deco that once pervaded all of New York City is still very much alive in the Bronx. Novoimago embellishes the photograph with added depth and an ephemeral quality that makes it more alive and creates an entrance into the actual two dimensions of the photographic medium.

Novoimago: Bronx, NY

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