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The Art of Architectural Photography: Exhibiting With Other Photographers

Recently I was pleased and honored to participate in a group photography exhibition at Jadite Galleries in NYC. In all, there were six of us showing photography as our form of self-expression: each photographer exhibiting different subjects. It is stimulating and informative to be part of such a group. I exchanged ideas about the art, craft and technical side of photography with my peers, while enjoying the social aspects of the event as well.

I have taken part in many group exhibits as well as solo shows of my photography and art. I find that the most wonderful part of group exhibits is the shared passion that brings us together. We also contribute information, vision and ways of producing photography/art. Most times photographers get together anywhere an immediate bond of photography is formed. There is so much to exchange: what we are photographing; past and present influences; exhibits; the cameras and other equipment we use. Shop talk.

At an exhibition with a number of photographers who are passionate about their work, there is also a palpable excitement: a coming together of creative energies and perceptions. Then, there is the mix of friends, family and clients who drop by at the opening and throughout the exhibit. It is always fascinating to me to meet new photography enthusiasts. They share their ideas and impressions and especially how the photographs affect them, the viewers.

Exhibiting my photography is a significant part of my art for without a viewer, my work is only half finished. My photographs are created to be seen and experienced, just as I see and experience through my lens.

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