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The Art of Architectural Photography

There is always a fascination with looking through one dimension and beyond. Perhaps when Leonardo DaVinci said: "The eyes are the windows to the soul," he was referencing that beyond concept. Beyond one plane lies another. The anticipation of going from one place into another location, whether that be visually or physically has always greatly appealed to me. The reality of beyond is exciting, provocative and speculative. I have the ability to imagine what is around the corner, through the portal and find yet another sensation. The reality of more comes into play here, as well. Knowing that there is another sight to see, another experience to encounter and new adventures to add to my cache entices me to go through that doorway into the beyond.

While traveling in India I encountered many such doorways. Each offered new and unique vistas: some mythical and some stark reality. However, there was always the sensation of traveling through one dimension into another to explore and discover and to even learn a bit more about myself as a photographer and perhaps as a human being. All by going beyond.

Monsoon Palace: Udaipur, India

Tomb of I'timād-ud-Daulah: Agra, India

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