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The Art of Architectural Photography

Details, details, details. The addition or lack of details creates interest in the work. Whether it be a sprig of parsley on the plate or a row of shiny buttons on a coat sleeve, the details frequently draw attention to the overall composition. There are instances, of course, when extraneous trifles can harm a great composition. It's hard to tell what to put in and what to leave out! "God is in the details" V. "Less is more?"

Then there are the compositions that are composed solely of a detail or details. Often I look at the details of architecture and think "That would be so perfect on its own." In fact, the are parks and gardens specifically devoted to showcasing details of former structures. These are wonderful treats for the eye. Too, antique shops frequently have doorknockers, mantle pieces, wrought iron gates, carved doors and a host of other remnants in wood, metal and stone.

So if the details are best left out, find another way to create with them!

Sepia Architectural Photography: Architectural Detail

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