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The Art of Architectural Architecture

I love architecture. One of my majors in college was architectural drawing. I spent 7+ years as an architectural draftsman. I photograph architecture. I guess I'm really into architecture. So much so that sometimes I put the most important part of architecture on the back burner of my mind: people. It is the people's creativity, wants and needs that produce architecture. Without people, architecture may survive; however, if people do not look at or appreciate what remains of architecture, what is the point?

I told my friend sculptor Simon Rigg that I was going to India to see and experience the architecture. I was told by this world traveler: "Ellen, the people ARE the architecture of India." I mulled that over before my trip, not understanding. When I got to India, my first trip to Asia, I got it immediately. The architecture in India: temples, state buildings, houses, structures big and tiny are creations of the people of India. The religious beliefs, cultural heritage, economic struggles, and very lives of Indians are clearly evident in the architecture; in everything. And so, my perceptions altered and reevaluated, I took pictures of the people, too. The architecture reflects a culture so layered, textured and stunning, it takes my breath away. Too, the people I saw, met and conversed with gave me a new perspective for which I am truly grateful.

Villager: Udaipur, India

Temple: Udaipur, India

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