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The Art of Architectural Photography

The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words," is true for me. A picture tells me a story. The story may be personal, newsworthy, romantic, scary, but nonetheless, whatever the subject, there is a tale to spin. The photographer views a subject and captures forever its impression by snapping the shutter. The impression is always part of the narrative I weave around the photograph, mine and other images I look at.

When I look at photographs I like to think about the befores and afters. What happened prior to the photo's being taken and what transpired subsequently. This is how I approach taking photographs as well. Was the old temple abandoned decades or hundreds of years ago? Who worshiped there? Did the noodle maker always cook or was he formerly crafting something different to sell? Does he love noodles or is this simply a livelihood? These and many other aspects of the story are the thoughts that intrigue me. This is why I take pictures: to tell stories.

Temple: Delhi, India

Noodle-maker: Jaipur, India

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